Upon my fifth anniversary in prison without trial
19 July 2011

Five years ago they brought me to a cell
and ever since a waiting game plays here,
As they decide on sending me away,
my parents grow so grey and sad at home.
How will they manage visiting me there
or must they wait until the end of time?

Ma, hear my oath, by him whose hand is time,
bars stand in worship with me in this cell.
So even if I‘m extradited there
and taken from my humble parents here,
then tell them paradise is our true home
whose gardens years will never fade away.

To Florence prison I‘ll be sent away.
It doesn‘t matter what will be my time.
No prison ever can be called my home,
how ever long they put me in a cell.
A higher power occupies me here
who’s closer to me even over there.

Perhaps they‘ll clean their hands of me once there.
And then my country feels I‘m wiped away.
Though germs stay always floating from me here:
these particles will gather born in time,
a culture breeding from a tiny cell,
to carry on infecting every home.

Theresa May, a minister at home
though feeble servant to her masters there;
a solitary torture chamber cell,
To put me in, she‘ll simply say, ‚Away!‘
So let me while I can devote my time
to work for my own justice over here.

I pitch a tent for battle waiting here.
And in this heart of mine you‘ll find a home,
free from the crumbling effects of time
or any rotting thoughts of being there.
It is a sin for me to run away
As patience brings my glory to this cell.

For time will be a brief sojourning here,
and there, or anywhere I make a home -
Away! A caravan escapes my cell.

Talha Ahsan