One lonely Inmate,
and what do you see?
Through your security camera looking at me.

Thousands of marching workers,
and what do you see?
on your screen,
Just one man,
Smashing his TV.

So many passionate placards held,
But what do you read?
Not the message,
Just the headline.

A dozen broken windows,
Damned by the police,
Hundreds of voices,
Singing chants to the beat,
And what do you hear?
Only the celebrity gossip,
While the police baton teeth.

Your growth economy sponsors,
Slavery and destruction,
Yet what do you see?
Oh! The shock of vandalism,
Upsets your high morality.

Safe in Australian suburbs
Viewers switch on the Idiot box,
And what do they see?

One million anti-war protesters,
Filmed for news update,
But what do you see?
Just media and politicians condemning the trivial acts
of protesters violence,
And praise the majority´s submission and passivity.

Do you suffer the gravity of apathy,
Coating everything with a stinking,
Back-handed sense of glee,
Sinking your ambitions backwards with the weight
of majority,
Tuning into the channel of social conformity,
And what do you see?
Just the monotonous, miserable mess of things,
Not the future I wished could be.

Dan Ezold